Why Sales?

  Years of relationship across hierarchy of multiple sales platforms.
  Fully integrated sales platforms
  In-depth knowledge and experience in managing various sales platforms
  Channel specific compliance and SLA management
  Online Product catalogue visibility to buyers in sales channels
  Approved Carrier and warehouse status with multiple sales platforms
  Technology partners with many sales platforms



Software Features



Fully Managed Sales Services

From product catalogue management to campaign negotiations, we take care of everything involved in process to get you incremental sales volume.

Multi-Channel Product Feed

We do feed your product catalogue to various integrated sales platforms. This provides you wider reach into the market.

Sales Platform Management

We manage the operations and requirement with sales platforms, either via our cutting-edge software or manually. Taking all the hassle away form you.

Inventory Feed

Our system keeps all your sales channel updated with most recent inventory count. This will keep you away from over selling situations.

Out Sourced Customer Care

Our experienced customer care team can handle customer queries from various sales platforms on your behalf.

Order Status and Tracking Update

Our system will update order status on all platforms along with feeding carrier and tracking information automatically.

Sales Performance Reporting

You can view sales performance on runtime. What is selling and where its selling is not a mystery while you work with us. Our system is updated every hour.

Financials Transparency

We strongly believe in transparencey and run time information sharing. On our system you can see your revenue and margins. You will also be able to see what amount do we owe to you and when will you be paid.