Why Logistics?

   Bespoke supply chain solutions
   Approved carrier status on sales platforms
  Warehouse independent cross border fulfilment
  Most competitive shipping rates
  Order fulfilment from your warehouse on our shipping rates using our system
  Software managed automated processes
   Runtime business performance reporting – as part of services
   End -to-end shipment tracking visibility




Logistics Services



Cross border E-commerce logistics

Do not be restricted by borders anymore. Let us help you expand your business internationally. Take advantage of our extensive carrier network at most lean costings.

Competitive shipping rates

We have been given most preferential rates by our carrier partners due to the volume we provide to them. We can trim your shipping costs down substantially.

SLA compliant order fulfillment

Our software technology an processes guarantees that your orders from any sales platform will always be shipped out within SLA.

Sales platform management

Our system updates your sales platform with all necessary information and feed required on runtime, e.g. tracking update, inventory feed, product add/withdrawal

Returns management

Whether its Reverse cross border return or within country return, We do make sure its handled most efficiently and reported back to you efficiently.

End-to-End Tracking update

Within our system you will be able to see each shipments tracking events updated on run time. This will give you and edge over your competition and also will help in getting customer experience.


We hold stock on your behalf and accept delivery of stock by container, trailer, pallet or individual carton. All products are stored in a clean, dry and safe environment together with our fast and reliable software for speedy and efficient packing and dispatch.

Pick-n-Pack, Labeling, Handling

Our Pick & Pack services incluse picking, assembling, packing and dispatch of goods . Our pick and pack fulfillment services provide a cost effective solution for all businesses. It doesn't matter if you're selling via mail order or online, our software is totally flexible and can link into almost any back-end. We ship almost any product too, so let us know how we can help!